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3M MMM 1055, MMM1055

3M MMM 1055, MMM1055
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Prix: $9.93
N° Code produit : 51141-94-9147
Fabricant: 3M
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3M: Basic Duct Tape, 1.88"x55yd, Silver - Scotch Basic Duct Tape is one of the handiest and most versatile tools you can keep in your house, garage or workshop. This sturdy, adhesive-backed cloth tape is ideal for light-duty repairs, bundling and holding. It's also excellent for sealing boxes and wrapping cords for storage. Duct tape tears easily by hand to keep work flowing quickly. It applies smoothly and wraps and stretches to accommodate a variety of applications. Tape is critical for heating, ventilating and cooling systems. Superior adhesion and excellent tear qualities make it a universal solution for a variety of jobs and quick repairs.

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